Version 1.2.6

Release notes:

  • Fix ArcTan operator (which was actually calculating ArcCos) :/
  • Invert operator for flipping geometry side (e.g. if you want the inside of extruded shape)
  • Complex collision mesh generation support (material flag)
  • Fix incorrect slider default for RotateVDeg input
  • Allow project to force use of instanced rendering, and allow per-mesh use of instanced rendering
  • General Unreal 5.1 build compatibility fixes
  • Remove use of RerunConstructionScripts in non-editor builds
  • Fix blueprint placement in cooked builds (persist BP generated class, not the blueprint itself)
  • For custom builds that support it we can fix UV distortion issues on long/thin polys by switching UPMC to high precision UVs
  • Translate/Rotate/Scale/Move geometry operators now transform placed objects too
  • Copy operator (same semantics as Move, but copies, including objects)
  • Performance optims: Disable overlap update during component creation/setup. Don't create proc geom/collision components if not needed (also warning spam)
  • Standalone startup crash fix
  • Entity optimisations: All rebuilds now deferred to properly coalesce build requests
  • Entity improvements: ProcMeshComponent for geometry and collision only created if needed (WIP)
  • List opertors: Reverse, and path (Vector3 list) length
  • Vector normalise operator
  • Allow instanced meshes to affect navigation
  • Standalone cook fixes


  • Image operators (can be used to modify bulk frame operations and other gen operators)
  • Spline/path/shape composition operators (line/point, arc, ellipse, rect, bezier)
  • Loft operator (basic geometry from shape moved along path)
  • Height Map operator to apply image value as mesh vertex offsets
  • Warp frames - Map frames from XY to two paths
  • New bulk frame operators: Grid, Resolve, Place, Offset, Turn, Resize, Cull.
  • New 'frame on a path' operator
  • Polygon vertex validation checks (inf/nan/den checked for and fail poly op)
  • Data operator file slots (to read multiple sources simultaneously)
  • Noise warp affects objects too

Note: There is no 1.2.5 version, it was used for an internal milestone only.


Apparance Demo Plugin (Unreal 5.1) 10 MB
Version 1.2.11 Oct 11, 2023
Apparance Demo Plugin Installer 63 MB
Version 1.2.6 Nov 24, 2022
Apparance Demo Plugin (Unreal 5.1) 10 MB
Version 1.2.6 Nov 24, 2022
Apparance Demo Plugin (Unreal 4.26) 10 MB
Version 1.2.6 Nov 24, 2022
Apparance Demo Plugin (Unreal 4.27) 10 MB
Version 1.2.6 Nov 24, 2022
Apparance Demo Plugin (Unreal 5.0) 10 MB
Version 1.2.6 Nov 24, 2022

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